This collaborative group project’s objective was to create a social network that unearths untapped spaces through research, concept creation and business development.


We began with this topic based off our own insights and pain points while waiting in line for different services. How might we identify the pain points experienced while waiting for a service with the aim of streamlining your life and facilitating interpersonal connections?


The waiting culture regarding social visibility can be described as ‘see’ and ‘be seen,' cities with long lines give people a sense being of ‘cool’ and ‘in demand.' Being part of a line can be considered a community of sorts, with interpersonal connections and shared tensions. From here, we generated our initial idea: We want to build a social network for an in line waiting culture.


We conducted secondary research surrounding line culture, technology development and app creation, as well as social theories examined through systematic and human lenses. Primary research included an online survey and observation which helped us identify the actions and emotions, and people’s frustrations through the waiting in line journey. Stakeholder and expert interviews allowed us to validate our idea from their perspective and provide marketing and funding strategy suggestions. We also identified visual identity through image sorting activity.Through primary, secondary, and extensive market research, Lineez was developed.



Lineez provides its users with a supportive, collaborative environment that creates mutual trust to enhance the experience of waiting in line. This interactive app connects its users with real-time data pertaining to discovering new and hot spots, current wait times and crowds. It enables people to share their geo locations while waiting in line and connect to others relating to their experiences.

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